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Hidden gems

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Recently Steve Clare over at Prost Amerika interviewed Jeremy St Louis of Fox Soccer.

It is a far ranging interview covering national teams (particularly the issues facing Canada), MLS, Sounders, the EPL and the upcoming World Cup.

There were a few semi-precious stones in there, that you might just miss. Bare hints of the future of MLS.

Players want free agency; they want a raise in the salary cap. Roster sizes is another bone of contention.

Previously the rumblings from the players' union were about benefits and free agency, not concerning salary and roster caps.

Team #19 is "... just a formality; Montreal is going to be there." Listen to the whole interview why Seattle fans might be able to enjoy the formal announcement more than most. It is notable that the same organization owns the rights to and

He mentions that he expects the league to stop at 20 with the following cities competing - Miami, NY2, St Louis, San Diego. It would be notable that "the four-letter" wants the league in the low-20s so that it is actually a national league. IF NYC gets a second team, that would mean that only 15 US markets would have first tier soccer.

In a totally unrelated subject, but intriguing enough that I mention it,

is that the Old Firm is exploring how to join the EPL, or form a multi-national league. If this sounds familiar it is. It won't destroy football/soccer, because the USL and MLS didn't destroy it in MLS. I'm intrigued by league structures, and in many cases multi-national leagues may work (I'd be a huge fan of the Arab Gulf States forming one league for their top division). Retention of domestic Cups would be vital, and the top domestic league and cup winners must qualify for the region's Champions League.

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