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I win, and so do the kids - update

Duane and I made a bet way back when the season started and I was just a novice blogger that people thought lacked sanity. While I still lack sanity, just maybe I was right. Duane picked an organization called Right to Play, and I agreed.

So because the two of us are both passionate for soccer, have egos and like to enjoy a little wagering (please don't let my wife read this post) the kids will gain as Seattle has locked up at a minimum the #4 seed in the West.

I will also take heart in proving the commenters in that post wrong, with many thanks to the actual players for the team. Duane, and all my Canadian friends, I hope your club makes it as well. I think that a TFC v SSFC Final would be probably the second best storyline for the league and sport even.

UPDATE: Today on the Its Called Football Weekly show (11AM PDT) Duane will be calling for others to donate to the cause as well.

Well, they did. And he rapidly paid, and well, now on tomorrow's weekly show he's going to ask people to match the money that he gave, or really just give anything

From his twitter account: 24thminute @RightToPlayCAN - We are calling on It's Called Football listeners/watchers to match my $50 to Right To Play tomorrow. Or now, even

Right to Play

I will be donating today as well.

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