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Missed opportunities - for everyone, but more for the Crew

GBS misses a PK
Gaven hits the post
Marshall saves a certain goal

Sure Alonso nearly scored as well (Or Montero could have slid that in after). But the fact is that the Crew had more opportunities and did not capitalize. Their moments of strength were stronger, and this was a match where luck, Tyrone Marshall and Kasey Keller saved the Sounders.

Schelloto was great, his vision and awareness of his partners on the pitch was tremendous, but tonight it wasn't enough. Hurtado, and at times Marshall, really did his job. He cut off angles, got his body on him, and denied the entry pass enough that the Crew stud did not have the space to be truly dangerous.

The formation tonight started with Alonso back as a D Mid with Evans in his box-to-box role. It was appropriate. The surprise though was goalscorer Roger Levesque. Not just because he scored, but this was the game that every USL Sounder fan thought that he had in store. He was solid in every aspect of the game.

The Freddyain played as well as we have seen them in a match where neither assisted the other. They are getting use to the up top thing, which will create issues when Jaqua comes back (can he be the CAM? ;) ) They only once crowded each other, and Ljungberg's only frustration with a teammate was with Le Toux.

The substitutions starting with Le Toux for Zakuani were all defensive and we eventually saw the Christmas Tree with Ianni, Alonso and Vagenas as defensive mids with Evans and Ljungberg as attacking and Le Toux solo up top. From this though the Sounders countered well and created a few more chances. Though they didn't score they still tried. Sure there was a mix of burying themselves in the corner, but on the counter they attacked.

Sounders now sit at 41 points. Temporarily ahead of the Rapids who face New England right now. Chivas' win over DC relieves pressure from below as well. United have struggled since Seattle won the Open Cup at RFK, and their are likely out of the playoffs at this point. Particularly with Toronto, New England and even Dallas performing.

Seattle's advanced pacing is for 45 points, they max at 47.

The West is dominating the East this week. For the Season West at 1.45 PPM and +24 GD (yes there are still matches this week).

Tomorrow going to rewatch a bit, update the stats (Levesque fans will be excited) and maybe breakdown a little video, as I haven't done that for a while.

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