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Anybody Else Catching the Other Playoff Games? What do you Think?

I'm watching NE-Chicago right now (well, not technically right now, since it's halftime) and I'm finding myself thinking a couple of things.

1) In general, our players are a fair bit more technically skilled than New England's.

2) So how the hell did we lose to New England again? Twice?

3) On the other hand... Wow. That Mansally free kick that led to the New England goal was something else. I wish Freddie could do that. Or I wish we'd pick up a dead ball specialist in the off season. (What's Juninho doing these days?)

4) Oh, what?! A woman can dream, can't she?)

5) Jon Busch got his clock cleaned by Shalrie Joseph. He went up over the top, then fell the length of Joseph's body and landed on his shoulders/head. I'm amazed he's still out there. (Also a little surprised that Toledo let play continue. NE hit the post on a keeper-free net.)

6) This game is far more entertaining than I expected.

I'm expecting LA-Chivas to be a defensive snoozefest with one or two counter-attacking goals. I hope I'm wrong. (About the defensive snoozefest. Not the goals.)

Anybody else watching the games? What do you think?

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