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Lightly Used Developmental Players

These are the young gentleman who saw time against Chelsea and Barcelona, and sparse minutes during the Open Cup, but did not see time in league play.  Impressions of these players are strongest for those that have the opportunity to see practice, or have talked to those that have.  As Developmental Players their small contracts don't count against the cap, but they also tend to have second jobs as well.  Even the highest paid of the Developmentals (non-GA) make less than 35k$ in a given season.

The sole goal of any of these players is to prove that they deserve playing time in League play, the latter rounds of the Open Cup and other meaningful competition.  After getting playing time their hope is to sign a Senior contract that recognizes their skill.  These kids tend to show up early, stay late and do whatever is asked by the club.

Lamar Neagle: He was a prolific scorer in college and solid at the PDL level where he was a Forward and Winger.  In the friendlies the Sounders used him as a Left Mid, but not in the Zakuani mold.  He was more of a two-way player than that.  In practice though Neagle plays where needed trying to prove his versatility and learn stronger defensive skills, particularly working on lateral movement.  Lamar has spent time at Left Back, Right Back and Left Mid in scrimmages and exhibitions, it is his ability to pick up this new role that will determine his future.

Expectation for 2010 - Unprotected for Expansion Draft. Resigned by Seattle. Invited to training camp.
Short Term Peak - In the 18 as a multifaceted defensive sub option similar to Sturgis, with more play in early rounds of Open Cup and CCL.

Evan Brown: A man so good he had a song written for him! Brown was highly regarded from his performance at the Combine and if not for MLS salary rules that benefit GA players likely would have been a mid-first round pick. With Seattle's James Riley performing so well and Brown not suited for the left side the energetic Right WingBack provided deep cover but did not see time.  He continues to refine his game.  He is not learning a new position, and plays it well in practice, and continues to get forward and enter the attack. With the CCL and Open Cup on top of League play next season depth at RB will be key.  Riley can't start 40+ games a year.

Expectation for 2010 - Unprotected for Expansion Draft. Resigned by Seattle. Invited to training camp.
Short Term Peak - Starting in early US Open Cup and CCL play at Right Back.

Mike Fucito: If practice, scrimmage and exhibition play matter Mike proved that he belongs in the 18 if not on the field.  Nearly every report from training in this matches that don't count had Mike appear in the box score.  The first half of the season Fucito spent completing his degree and the second half he was on the Disabled List.  While he could have appeared in the Open Cup Final, the stakes were very high at that point and so Mike traveled but did not dress. Throughout the latter third of the season Mike was healthy to come off the DL, but the team lacked a space for him on their 24 man roster.  A potent scoring threat in college with 32 goals and 24 assists in his injury-plagued career.  His senior season (carrying an injury) his on target percentage was 37.8% and his conversion rate (SOG:Goal) was 52.9%. His size may be a detriment, but he scored in Argentina, and performed effectively against Barcelona on the left side. Mike has the highest upside of any of the players covered at this point.

Expectation for 2010 - Unprotected for Expansion Draft. Resigned by Seattle. Invited to training camp.
Short Term Peak - In the 18 as an offensive threat off the bench, starting in CCL and Open Cup play. Capable of 4&4 with playing time next year.

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