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Seattle Offside and Seattle Soccer Examiner Team Up to Give You: Legs. The Answers.

Name the Legs. The answers.

David at SSE has very generously given us first right to name the players and publish the full photo answers to his quiz.

(And doesn't that make us feel special?)

Seattle Offside regular commenter LJ was the winner, the first to guess all eight players. Well done LJ!

(No idea what we're talking about? Here's the original quiz. Here are my guesses. You know. From before I stopped guessing.)

#1, the first set of pale legs, is our backup defender Tyson Wahl.


#2. The easy one. As I said before, the clues are as follows.
1) red boots
2) under armour
3) Wait. Is that a #17 I see? Who could THAT be?


#3 is the second pale set of legs. Which David promises do actually belong to Nate Jaqua despite the original photo going missing.


And #4 is...

stephen king

Oh, sorry, our Stephen. That one probably got old twenty years ago, didn't it?


#5 Brad Evans. Yes, it's Brad Evans.

I thought I would find the original, full-length photo less disturbing than the cut photo. I don't. So let's move on.

(It's only a trick of fabric, air and shadows. It's only a trick of fabric, air and shadows. It's only a trick...)

(Sorry, sorry, sorry. Okay, I'll grow up now.)


Oh, Mandy! Look who we have for #6?

Oh, btw, this would be a good time to bring up that Mandy's Evan Brown song has now reached over 8,000 views.


And here's the full-length photo of our James Riley, which shows that it is possible to rock the "short-sleeves-with-gloves" look.


Was there any doubt about #8? As I said in my original guess, nobody does the hands-on-hips thing quite like our Kasey Keller.

(Oh, and the keeper pants kind of gave it away too.)


Thanks, everybody for guessing, and thanks, David for letting me play the game!

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