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Poll Results: Who was Our MFP (Most Favorite Player)? And how the hell did this poll get more than 6,000 votes?

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So remember a few weeks back, when I journeyed back to visit my old MFP poll and was shocked to learn that the Brad Evans fans had been battling the Roger Levesque fans, causing the poll to grow to over a thousand votes?

That was nothin'.

When I closed the poll today, the final vote count was... (drum roll, please...)

6,430 votes. I am not kidding. And the winner was...

(Note how I put the "more" tag here, to make you click? Because I'm sly that way.)

Roger Levesque, with a grand total of 1019 votes, or 16% of the total!

In second, would you believe we actually have a tie? Osvaldo Alonso and Sebastien Le Toux, both with with 709 votes, or 11%.

Brad Evans' fans apparently wore out their voting fingers, because he was a late fade, finishing fourth with 626 votes, or 10%.

What really impressed me about our diligent voter(s) is that they were equal-opportunity. Nobody was left out and everybody got at least 5% of the vote. (I'm guessing these people have a maternal area similar to mine and don't want any of our boys to get their feelings hurt. Which makes me love whoever did this all the more.)

Final results are here. If it's not showing up in Results Mode on your screen, click the View Results link on the bottom. Because I'm way too dang lazy to do a screen capture and post it.

Thanks for voting! We'll definitely be doing this again.

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