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Gushing Blood Special and Some Rave Green Links

After watching this video of Juventus' Mauro Camoranesi, I'm thinking that the original Zombie Jaqua didn't have it so bad. (Not for the squeamish.)

And now some fun stuff from around the blogosphere:

  • Oh! Look! Surprise! Freddie Ljungberg is the most-fouled player in the league by a factor of... A lot. Sad fact, though? Cuauhtemoc Blanco has had a top three finish for each of the past three seasons. Too bad there's not a way to differentiate between, "Draws calls by going down at the slightest hint of an imaginary touch" (Blanco) vs. "hacked down in cold blood multiple times each game." (Freddie.)
  • I've got a poll up on our MLS page: "Who Will Win the MLS Cup?" It's a neutral (meaning not Sounders-specific) site, but that doesn't prevent you from going over there and expressing your opinion.
  • And Yamsmos over at GoSounders is on my Bad List today because he wrote up this post before I could. (Perhaps I should have been up and blogging earlier?) But you should head over there to express your opinion on who, if the game is tied after 120 minutes, should take the penalties.
  • Did you have to miss the MLS playoff games over the weekend? Steve over at Prost Amerika Soccer has your back. Review here.
  • From the Seattle Soccer Examiner, Local business makes good: Ruffneck scarves gets a deal with MLS.
  • What did we learn in Leg One? Dave Clark at Sounder At Heart brings us up to date. (Hint: The corner is ours.)
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