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A Very Happy 40th Birthday to Kasey Keller!

Seattle Offside would like to wish very happy birthdays to two very important people: Happy 40th to goalkeeper extraordinaire Kasey Keller and his ever-present gum, and a very happy NOT-40th to The Offside's Editor, Daryl Grove -- the guy who keeps the site ticking and is always there to listen to me complain when I insert stray code into my posts and make the site do weird things.

This blog would probably be possible without both of you, but it wouldn't be as much fun. Here's hoping each of you has a fantastic day and year.

I won't humiliate Daryl by posting old photos of him. (Mostly because I don't have any.) Kasey, on the other hand, is a public figure. So let's enjoy some Keller through the ages. First, though, you need to stop by this unembeddable video of an impossibly young-looking Kasey's amazing ten saves against Brazil in 1998 that preserved the US's 1-0 win. (Bonus: Watch for Alexi Lalas back in his hippie days.)

And now for those photos. (Apologies in advance. I just can't get enough of that mullet.)

kasey keller
Kasey Keller beauty tip: To cut the bangs straight, apply a piece of tape to hair, then cut!
P.S. The shorts are made with extra room, providing much-needed storage space for wallet and keys.

Short shorts, yes, but not quite short enough. But all it takes is a surreptitious little hike with the glove and...voila!

keller young
"I lost my gum. Right there. I need it back so we can restart play!"

keller point blank save
"Thanks, Alessandro! That IS the stretch my chiropractor was recommending!"

Keller 3
Rico. Suave.

keller 2
"I'd feel better about sharing my water if you'd explain to me again what that thing is sticking out of your neck."

"Damn. All that work by Del Piero, undone in a few seconds."

"It is so wonderful to be back in a country where mushrooms and undercooked eggs aren't considered standard breakfast fare! That's worth a lot of autographs."

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