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Snowboarding? Starring in a Shakira Video? OR: Freddie Ljungberg's Offseason is a LOT More Interesting than Yours and Mine

freddie calvinsI am already so bored by the off-season I could scream.

Not so for our Freddie Ljungberg, who reports on his blog that he just got back from Hawaii and is now off somewhere else engaging in some incredible snowboarding.

And on top of that, the ever-reliable British tabloid the Daily Mail is reporting that he's going to be in Shakira's next video.

The Calvin Klein pin-up - who has moved to Los Angeles - is hoping to break into Hollywood movies. A source said: "Freddie is certainly great eye-candy and a lot of stars are eyeing him up for their videos.

Or, in other words, he's not engaging in looking out at grey skies during our too-short Pacific Northwest days, where it's now dark by 4:30.

And yes, this whole post was just an excuse to post the photo. What's your point?

(What can I say? It was a long holiday.)

Sigh. Is it March 25 yet?

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