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Sounders Beat the Galaxy (no, not THAT Way), Plus Some Rave Green Links

freddie hoodieFirst thing: thanks to all of you (with an able assist by Pat Onstad), Seattle Offside is now the top MLS blog on The Offside, having FINALLY beaten my old blog, the Galaxy, now ably manned by Jen and Nathan.

Not only that, but among The Offside's 280 blogs, we're just this close to breaking into the top 15, which currently includes heavyweights like Arsenal, Liverpool, Lyon.... Oh, and HABS, the site dedicated to players in various states of undress.

Oh, what? I'm just throwin' it out there.

So to everybody who's stopped by this site to check out a score, offer an opinion, or see Freddie Ljungberg in his underwear? Thank you. You made my week. I love you all.

And now for some of the fun stuff currently being seen 'round the blogosphere:

  • Jose over at the Seattle Times has an interview with Craig Waibel. Spoiler: Craig is nothing but complimentary of us and thrilled for our success. Even as he plans to beat our team.
  • Yamsmos over at GoSounders wants to know: Do you hedge your bets? (Come on, 'fess up. You know who you are.)
  • Oh, and also? Team plane. SeaTac. 10 p.m., C01888. Be there. (It will be dry, so you have no excuse.)
  • And if you are a news junkie who wants to read it all in advance of the big game? (Y'know, as opposed to one of those people who is simply drinking him/herself into oblivion to try to make Sunday arrive a little sooner), Seattle Soccer Examiner has links to all the press reports.
  • Don Ruiz at the News Tribune wonders publicly if Houston has the second-best atmosphere in MLS. At least during the playoffs.
  • And finally, change is afoot at Sounder at Heart.
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