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Stressed About the Game? Laughter is the Best Medicine. Well, Okay, Laughter and Beer. You'll Need to Provide the Beer

This comes to me courtesy of a friend who wishes to remain anonymous. Not sure why. If I were capable of such photoshop creativity? I'd be claiming the hell out of it.


P.S. As I was doing tags for this post, I typed in "Hous" as in Houston. One of the options it gave me, apparently from sometime in the past (yes, on this blog) was "Little House on the Prairie."

This is me, sitting here with little cartoon question marks coming out of my head.

But because of this, I had to add it as a tag on this post, just so I could click on it and see where it led.

P.P.S. Oh. Okay. Now I remember. Wow. I was really pissed at Tim Weyland after the LA game, wasn't I?

P.P.P.S. I am SO immature.

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