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When, Against Your Better Judgment, You Open an Email Entitled "Orange Speedo," You Deserve What You Get. (OR: More Pat Onstad Photoshop Fun)

(Oh, what? Stop whining. Like the post title didn't warn you?)

Email exchange. Topic line "Orange Speedo. " Same anonymous friend/Sounders fan I talked about in the previous post. We are both thinking about the upcoming game with "Forever Orange" Houston.

Him to me: [Link to the following photo.] (laurie's aside: Given that I have no idea who the guy is, I have taken the liberty of removing the face.)

orange speedo

Me to him: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Him to me: was orange!

Me to him: So are cheetos. That does not make them sexy.

Me to him, again: P.S. I dare you to photoshop Pat Onstad's face onto that one.

So I guess in a way I'm to blame for the following photos.

(You're welcome

onstad speedo


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