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Gamethread for Leg 2 - Sounders @ Dynamo

Win or Go Home

The deciding game of a two leg aggregate when the first leg ended in a tie of nil-nil.  An important reminder.  There is no away goal rule, so if the 90 ends in a tie we go to extra time of two 15 minute halves.  From there it goes to PKs in the 5 and 5 format to start.  If still tied another round of PKs is added until a team wins.

Time: Noon (pregame at 11:30)
TV: KING5 in Seattle, FSN in the Pacific NorthWest, Telefutura for Spanish/Nationwide
Radio: 770 KTTH AM Seattle
Viewing parties: ECS, Gorilla FC & Prost Amerika

Dave is at the home of a member of the 214.  Today I will be enjoying a fine Full Sail Grandsun of Spot IPA

Expected Sounders Lineup

Zakuani Ljungberg Jaqua
Gonzalez Alonso Riley
Hurtado Marshall

Expected Dynamo Lineup


Oduro Ching
Davis Mullan
Chabala Boswell Cameron Hainault

My Keys to the Game
Glenn Davis' key matchups

I will adjust the lineups if they change. This will be my first attempt at a live blog.  Match analysis will be in the comments.  I hope my DVR works.

First Half Thoughts

Freddyain issues again.  I thought we were past this.  They must get on the same page.

Sounders are threatening infrequently, when they do they've been potent, but without the finish.

Referee is calling a fair match.  Sure he's missed some calls, but I'd love for each referee in this league to call this style of game.

Sounders MUST get the ball and the pitch and use their speed and passing ability to beat down the slower Houston defense.  Sadly, I said this in the preview as well.

Set-plays continue to be better for Seattle than the opposition.

Lastly, I think I sub in Ianni for Marshall.  Sounders can't afford to be a man down, and Patrick adds solid defense.

Heading into Extra Time

With both Cameron and Chabala carrying cards I want to attack those guys with every opportunity.  Marshall likely needs to be replaced, STILL, as he carries the yellow and an injury on both legs.  Ianni is actually a better shooter, if it goes to extra time.

Roger has missed opportunities hanging on his belt.  I'd rather he take those off and use them.

Half Time in Extra Time

Sounders in a 3-5-2 with Nyassi, Levesque and Le Toux on the pitch as subs.

Finishing again is a huge issue for Seattle

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