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Gameday! Houston vs. Seattle, 2nd Leg

First thing: I never drink alcohol during the day. Today I am making an exception. (Is drinking at noon to settle your nerves an indication of a problem? And who the hell made up that rule anyway? Obviously not a footy fan. And certainly not the idiotic person who scheduled this game at noon.)

(This is entirely not our fault, people. I'll vouch for you to your spouse.)

Second thing: I'm wearing my Sounders sweatshirt everywhere today. This is the first time I've worn it since the Unfortunate Pea Soup Incident, but it seems to have survived okay. (Children? Learn from my mistakes. Be sure the blender lid is firmly on before you hit "blend." It will save you a lot of heartache. Although as my son said, "Well, there are worse things you could hit that particular sweatshirt with.)

Also, irrelevantly, I was watching the Chicago-NE game last night and saw that NE coach Steve Nicol had the same shirt, except in red, white and blue. That really cheapened the special bond I had with this sweatshirt. Truly, I thought what we and our sweatshirts had between us was something...special. Now I discover that the sweatshirt designer has been sharing his/her love with other teams? For a price?

How. incredibly tawdry.

(I still like this shirt, though.)

I don't have much to say about the game at this moment. (Meaning: If I didn't do an actual preview before the last leg, I'm sure as hell not going to do one now.) Short field, lots of fisticuffs, lots of action, loser goes home. And a good time will be had by all.

(Or at least all who are willing to drink beer at noon on a Sunday.)

Be sure to stop by to offer up your thoughts.

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