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Rights Controlled Players

In Major League Soccer a team can control the rights to a player even if they are unsigned.  Below you will see capsules of the players for which the Sounders control their rights, but who did not see much time, nor are they under contract for 2010.

These are players who for one reason or another the Sounders will not likely use for their next season, but who might have minor value to other teams in the league.

Jeff Parke: Once noted as the leader of a decent Red Bull New York defense, Parke's stock plummeted when he tested positive for androstatriendione and boldenone metabolites in an over the counter supplement.  He spent time with the Vancouver Whitecaps and has served his suspension.  Despite a trial in Europe he is currently a Free Agent, and would likely be of interest to the Philadelphia Union as he is a Penn native.  Sounders still hold his MLS rights.

Expectation for 2010 - Unprotected for Expansion Draft. Unsigned by Seattle. Not invited to camp.

Jared Karkas: Sounders FC retain the rights to Karkas after not signing him this year through one of MLS many procedural rules.  The Azusa-Pacific product is a left wingback with decent height for college who manages a good set-play from either end.  He is not currently playing at the pro or semi-pro level.  When asked what he learned during his prolonged tryout he responded thus;

 I learned numerous things about myself and how the game is played in the MLS while i was with Seattle during my time. I think I really need to work on my positioning on the field while the game is going on. When it comes to helping a team out, I've always been successful on set pieces whether its been taking the free kicks or being in the box trying to score off of a free kick. But when it comes down to it I just see myself as another link on the chain. I try and do the best i possibly can for my team. IM never satisfied with my game, there's always something i can do better for myself and especially for my team.

Expectation for 2010 - Unprotected in Expansion Draft. Unsigned for 2010. INVITED to Training Camp.

Jarrod Smith: The lanky New Zealander spent months on the disabled list and was eventually released, but paid.  He still trains with the Sounders, sometimes running laps, and others doing light training.  The only "target" forward of the 29 players whose rights the Sounders hold outside of Nate Jaqua, Smith's battles with injuries and lack of tie with his National team aren't the brightest sign for his future in Seattle.  But he still owns a kit, he still shows up on match day. Four clubs have held his rights in the past 3 years, so obviously those that have seen him see something they like.

Expectation for 2010 - Unprotected in Expansion Draft. Unsigned for 2010. INVITED to Training Camp.

Seattle Sounders FC will have 26 other players for which to make decisions on expansion draft availability and contractual status over the next few months.  Those current 26 under contract will get more than just a capsule.

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