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It wouldn't be 2nd tier without Portland

Well, it looks like the NuRock v TOA saga is continuing, but only a little bit, while the USL-1 meetings are being held in Beaverton, OR this week.

With the following teams certainly there - Rochester, Portland, Tampa Bay, Puerto Rico, FC New York, Cleveland and Austin.

The TOA clubs, may or may not be - Vancouver, Montreal, St Louis, Miami, Atlanta, Tampa, Carolina, Minnesota. Several are invited.

Charleston isn't there. Ottawa isn't there.

Four possible expansion sites are mentioned in the Democrat and Chronicle link. MatchFitUSA is speculating on Detroit. I will toss in Birmingham, as NuRock does hold rights to the city and it isn't under contention by the TOA.

But you want to know when something is really up? When you head to the USL site and some clubs are blacked out rather than linked and others are not. It isn't all of the TOA cities that are black, only some. Teams that have been kicked out of the USL-2 aren't black, PDL teams that have folded aren't black.

A league in disarray, meetings in Beaverton, and yet the Oregonian isn't covering it. Soccer City USA, get your house in order. Hire some lawyers, and figure this out. We've got a sport to elevate, not to relegate.

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