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Jhon Kennedy Hurtado - First Sounder to Europe?

The star player on defense for the Sounders. He was used primarily as a man marker or as a kind of sweeper shutting down the second ball. Solid lateral quickness and good speed means that even though he makes mistakes, he can recover.

Currently only on loan, Sounders FC have to use some of their remaining allocation dollars in order to lock him in for one more year at the least. If there is one man to keep in the defense it is Hurtado. Once upon a time AC Milan gave him a trial, and I fully expect that we will hear about Jhon getting looks from big clubs in Europe again.

Offense: Hurtado is not much of an offense threat. He plays smaller on the set than his listed height, and his footwork with the ball isn't enough that he can bring the ball forward under pressure. His passing is generally forward and accurate, but short. When he wins the ball and starts the counter it will be Alonso, Leo or Riley that bring it forward.

Defense: The Colombian is already one of the strongest one on one defenders in the league and his man marking skills off-ball are impressive. Regularly anticipating runs he troubled the stars in this league. It started with Juan Pablo Angel, but continued throughout the league play. If a team featured a single forward it was Hurtado that would shut them down. His defensive speed is good enough that at times it was a CAM or Withdrawn Forward that he controlled.

Set-Plays: Hurtado will not be the target on the offensive set, there are just better players for that role, but what he can do is collect the garbage and knock it into the net. On defense he offers strength and a bit of height. He tends to mark the second most likely target, with Marshall getting the most likely. Hurtado makes wise decisions on clearing the ball when he wins it on the defensive set.

Defining Moment: Maybe this is a copout, but for me Hurtado earned his reputation on the first day of the season when he led the shutout of Red Bull New York's Colombian National and former EPL player Juan Pablo Angel. Angel has 47 goals in MLS play over his 3 seasons, and 59 goals with Aston Villa through the decade.

Plus/Minus - 12 | 11
Plus/Minus Per 90 - 0.46 | 0.46
Productivity in League Play -  0.12
Productivity in Non-League - 0.10
Ratings from Prost Amerika - 6.39 (6th)

Second +/- listed uses Climbing the Ladder's data.

Short Term Peak - Hurtado will likely repeat as an All-Star caliber player and end a season in the best XI as well, at least for the year or two that he will be here. Unless quality of play improves dramatically over the next two years and he decides to stay.

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    Thoughts on Hurtado's past season? Thoughts on his future?

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