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The Post that Comes Before the Post Where I Link to Everybody Else

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I was going to make this a links post, simply because there's nothing to write about. I even had a mental list of stuff I was going to link to. And then I went to find everything and discovered that I'm going to have to dig deep into the other blogs' archives, because pretty much everybody else in the blogging universe is writing about nothing these days too.

Note: if you're a fellow Seattle blogger, I am, of course, not talking about you. Obviously. I'm talking about all those other bloggers.

Although if you're a fellow blogger and you're reading this, you know for a fact that you're either
A) trolling for post topics for your own blog, or
B) hoping for yet another picture of Freddie in his underwear.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. But...

Oh. Damn. I wish you would stop putting these thoughts in my head. I am way too damn old for this stuff. Must...not...image search... Must...not... Deep breaths, counting to three... One... Two...

Whew. Okay, the urge has passed. It is safe for you to continue on.

As far as news, the boys will be playing a preseason tourney against a bunch of Scandinavian clubs from Feb. 17-27 at La Manga, Spain.

(And I suddenly have my anime-loving son's full attention. Sorry, sweetie, different manga.)

There's a good discussion on this tournament over at the Goal Seattle forums, which includes a link to this rather worrisome bit:

In the evenings, the critics say, the resort provides a ringside-seat from where one can watch sporting heroes go on the rampage in the close confines of its nearly all-male bars.

The resort has been home to several scandals in recent years. Earlier this year [2004], sexual assault charges were bought against three Leicester City footballers, who were accused of attacking three women during a training break at La Manga.

Although the charges against the three were dropped, the episode reinforced the resort's raffish reputation.

Four years ago, Stan Collymore another Leicester City player, caused uproar when he let off a fire extinguisher in a late night "prank" when members of the squad were said to have terrified 40 guests in the piano bar and, during a night of drunken revelry, allegedly harassed women and danced on tables.

In 1998, Paul Gascoigne reacted to his exclusion from the England World Cup squad by trashing his hotel room. Rio Ferdinand was accused of brawling with the hotel staff over a dispute involving a pool table.

Party paradise? Uh-oh. This could be trouble.

In fact, I am so worried about some of our players, I believe that as the newly-appointed Unofficial Team Mom, it is my duty to take a wintertime trip to warm, sunny Spain to chaperone.

It's a sacrifice, but somebody's gotta do it.

(Links post tomorrow.)

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