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Boxing Day Links Roundup

In what I hope I can make a weekly endeavor I'm going to start posting a links round-up. For those that follow me on twitter most of these won't be new, but hopefully I can provide greater context now.

So over the past week these are the stories from around MLS, Cascadia and the world of soccer that have fascinated me.

Dec 21st

Ives finds that MLS added 3 Colombian defenders. Even with all the CBA crap, MLS still is out finding and adding talent. Last year 50% of international slots were unfilled.

Dec 22nd

The Union of Philly announces an exclusive minor league affiliation with a PDL club in Reading. The announcement contains no details as to what that means for either club.

Portland gives us stadium renovation drawings. There will be Turf (NextTurf), and oddly no fans in their drawings, in fact no texture whatsoever.

Fox Soccer goes to HD "Early in 2010." You can request Comcast to add them, or just wait for them to do it anyway.

Dec 23rd/24th

Thanks to Kartik I start reading Johnathon Wilson. Starting on the 4-2-3-1, and moving on to his speculation that the libero may make a return due to more teams playing with a single forward.

US MNT member Charlie Davies mentions his thanks to all who gave him support, and let's us know that he's walking again.

Dec 26th - Boxing Day

Kartik shares the ignorance that exists amongst some MLS fans and their disregard for the lower levels of the pro game here in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico and Bermuda.

Scottish, English, and Italian Leagues all continue to have matches canceled due to weather conditions. This includes their top leagues. Scotland's Football League (not the SPL) has even had managers request to move to a Summer schedule to avoid frozen pitch syndrome.

Stuart Holden got a new offer from MLS and the Dynamo on Christmas Eve and they wait for him to decide if being a star in Houston is better than being a rotational guy for Blackburn.

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