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It Could Be Worse - MLS could use the BCS "system"

For all the grief that people, including myself, give Major League Soccer; it could be much worse. At least in MLS the team's that perform the best in the regular season qualify for a tournament. In fact even though MLS is between the 15-25th best league in the world, if an MLS team goes undefeated they move on to the regional Championship (CONCACAF Champions League). If they win that they go to the Club World Cup (in Dubai this year).

See, MLS is part of a global organization, and for all its faults at the end of a campaign someone is declared the best in the world. They prove it on the field of play. Whether it be a team from Peru, or Japan, all that they have to do is win their league, and then win their region and then win the CWC.

So MLS fans, it could be much worse. We could follow a sport like college football, where teams in small leagues never get the opportunity to prove they are the best. Instead the BCS takes teams like Boise State and Texas Christian and stuffs them in a tiny box where no matter how they do in a given year they will never be champions. College Football needs a change, and now.

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