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All I want for Christmas - 2009

I did this last year, and have thought about not doing it this year on the network, but decided that it may engage enough readers, so I'm going to give it a go.

1- I want a CAM. I actually didn't see as many problems with converting scoring opportunities, but I certainly saw weaknesses at the team level in beating a defender with ball at feet. It would be ideal if said CAM in this 2-3-3-2 is also a solid MLS talent at the Free Kick. I actually have a former US MNT guy in mind. He's very young, he never plays in Europe, and he's fairly cheap.Steve Davis just wrote why he won't be in South Africa. Adu recently tweeted the following "def Have some decisions to make within the next couple of weeks"

My response was quite simple. "Come back. Find an MLS team with a great coach and passionate fanbase. Someone with National Team coaching experience." You see Players need to Play.  He also needs a coach that can and does work with young guys.  Yes, I have a man crush according to Doug of the 214. He isn't the only CAM I would take, but a CAM is certainly necessary.

2 - I want a full stadium. Sure it was nice to sell-out at whatever number was picked, and they have opened stuff up, but there are still seats available. I rather liked the Barcelona match, and I would love to see that again, in Rave Green. So buy some tickets.  Renewals are really high, and yes they have a waiting list, but there are still seats available.  This is local soccer, and while it might not be Man U or Chelsea, it definitely beats the heck out of watching them early on a Saturday morning.

How are sales going? Very Strong

Renewals are at 93% already
Waiting list is 7000 and they are still taking deposits
Max capacity is currently planned at ~35,500 (Houston Playoff game)
The new loge (300 level ring) has amazing views, and has been made all inclusive for food and non-alcoholic beverages.

If I wasn't already in the 214 I might bump up to the 311, maybe later, when the whole 300 is full.

3 - Get the Damn CBA Done! MLS you just had one of your best season's ever. In a down economy you increased sponsorship deals at the league and club level. In a down economy attendance was only hit 2% (9% without Seattle, since some people think we don't count). Get the deal down NOW. I want to start thinking about the players that can be brought in, the Draft, I want to think about players sold onwards. Get the Deal Done!

I don't care if you use a luxury tax and keep the Cap. I don't care if you eliminate the DP while allowing clubs to buy Allocation Dollars. I don't care if the "guarantee" compromise means that every contract has a buy-out value. There needs to be a deal, and it needs to be signed quickly, so that CCL teams can start getting ready.

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