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The Oddest Things Show Up in Google Alerts

Got a link to a site today that contained the following question:

Your question
What is the height (length measured vertically) of Karl Fredrik Ljungberg (born 16 April, 1977 in Vittsjö, Hässleholm), the Swedish footballer who currently plays for Arsenal in the English Premiership?

This conclusion is based on a single fact in the knowledge base:
1.76 metres has been the height of Fredrik Ljungberg since at least July 10th 2009

First off, let's just ignore that whole, "Arsenal in the English Premiership" thing. (Which, in case you hadn't heard, is not going to happen in the off-season.) And let's also ignore the extremely and oddly precise, "since at least July 10th 2009."

(Although I am now kind of dying to know what happened on July 10.)

But let's just move onto the REAL issue, shall we?

Length measured vertically? As opposed to...?

Oh, wait. I know!


Length measured horizontally!! DUH!

(Oh, come on, you knew that was coming.)

P.S. Sorry, sorry. Yes, I'm just as anxious for the season to start as you are.

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