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Game Highlights (And Happy Belated Birthday, Steve Zakuani!)

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The official team site has an excellent video of game highlights, plus short interviews with Zakuani and Sanna Nyassi. (On thought the subtitles on Nyassi were kind of amusing. I mean, the guy is speaking English. Isn't there a Monty Python skit about that?)

But I don't want to pick nits. This is me, loving the Sounders site for not just giving us the video (as I said, the Galaxy aren't even giving their fans the lineups) but for allowing bloggers to embed it.

(I couldn't make it run in AOL -- yes, I know, I'm a dinosaur -- which usually means it won't run in IE either. But it worked fine in Firefox.)

Also, a happy belated birthday to #1 draft pick and new Sounder Steve Zakuani, who turned 21 yesterday.

Hope you are feeling well enough to play today, Steve!