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Reading Tea Leaves As We Prepare to Do Battle With the Galaxy

From the Sounders Blog at the Times:

*Three new faces were at camp today: Argentine midfielder Fernando Screpis, midfielder Emerald George from St. Vincent and Grenadines, and Gambian Mamadou Danso from Southern Polytechnic (NAIA) joined the team for the second session.

Does anybody else think "St. Vincent and Grenadines" should be a drink? With an umbrella in it? No?

Okay, just me, then. Fine. Never mind.

Oh, also? How cool is the first name "Emerald"? I think we should sign him just for that.

I'm going to the Times blog every day and studying the match reports. This is kind of like trying to predict the future by reading tea leaves. I find myself thinking things like, "If an 11 on 11 with all of our best attacking players ends 0-0, then that means we've got really good defense, right?"

(I am ever the optimist. At least until I turn into the pessimist. But that never happens in the pre-season, when hope springs eternal and all teams have winning records.)

Speaking of tea leaves, the caption that came with the above photo says, "The unicorn is clearly visible." That is exactly what I was thinking.

(I always flunked those Magic Eye things, too.)

We are playing my other beloved team, the LA Galaxy tomorrow today -- a Galaxy who will be without both Landycakes and Becks. We'll be without Freddie. So basically a good scrimmage without star power -- a good way to see how both teams' day-to-day players will play and how they'll get the job done. I'm wishing it would be televised, but I hope there will at least be some videos showing up after the fact.

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