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Adorable Photo of the Day

Found this photo over on the Spanish-language site and just had to share. It is, of course, our fine Colombians, The Truly Adorable Fredy "How the HELL did we get him" Montero and his compatriot, Jhon "yes, that IS how I spell it" Hurtado.

To say I speak poquito Español would be giving me far too much credit, but I did learn from the article that our colors are apparently "azul petróleo y vivos verdes."

And Fredy is quoted as saying, "Porque el de la MLS es más físico, más rápido y dinámico, por eso va a marcar la diferencia aquel que tiene talento y goles, como es mi caso." I almost didn't need Babelfish for that but used it anyway because it's so entertaining. Here's what it gave me:

"Because the one of the MLS is more physical, faster and dynamic, for that reason it is going to mark to the difference that one that has talent and goals, as is my case."

Couldn't have said it better myself, Fredy.

Foto: Santiago Amorós

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