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The Second Award, Plus the Third Quiz! (All together now: Ooooooooh!)

This is a three-part post. First we have the awarding of the Offside Certificate of Merit to yesterday's winner Jordan. (Woohoo Jordan!) Second? A rewriting of the rules for the quizzes from here on out. Because the old rules were creating a bit of an anticlimax.* And third, the photos of our three Sounders-to-be-guessed.

*Anti-climax: (Def. from the Urban Dictionary.)
Ineffective end to anything that has suggested a climax.
Usage: "When I clicked on 'Anticlimax' I was expecting something smutty. It was a real anticlimax to find a sensible definition."

Part 1: Congratulations to Jordan for being the superstud (assuming you're a guy, otherwise stud-ette) of the Seattle Offside by guessing all of yesterday's players: Steve Zakuani, Sebastien LeToux, and James Riley. Here you go, Jordan. Try not to pass out from the excitement!

And as always, apologies for the crappy graphic quality; click here for the much better and totally printable version.

(Also, I'm figuring out how to work these templates, and I have a fantastic one for the first female who guesses correctly. Everyone else? Be afraid.)

Part 2: Yes, anticlimax. That's what happens when you go in to play a game and see that the one and only answer has already been guessed by the first person to respond. Jordan suggested that I hide comments until tomorrow, but alas, according to our tech guy, "That's probably a plugin we dont have." In other words, it won't work in this blog. So, instead, we have the

NEW RULES: Email your answers to me at laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com. And please actually do it, because if there are no comments and no emails, I'm going to get an unpopularity complex and it will totally destroy my weekend.

Part 3: Here are your 2009 Sounders for the day. As stated above,


(Wow. That looks much nastier and more official in reality than it did when I was planning it. Photos below the jump.)

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