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I Need Your Help!

So yesterday I came up with a fantastic idea about next Thursday's game with the Red Bulls, and then I went over to my buddy Dave Martinez's blog at Red Bulls Offside and left the following comment:

Hey, Red Bulls Man! How about a little wager on next Thursday’s game? If we win, you post a photo 600 px wide of Freddie Ljungberg in his undies. And if you win… [insert appropriate on-blog punishment here.]

He not only accepted my offer, he showed me the photo he's going to have me post in the event of a Red Bulls win, and it's ugly. I don't want to give too much away, but it involves a photoshop (or technically Paint) photo of one of our owners wearing and saying things that I don't think he would ever actually wear or say in real life.

This really worries me, because I have absolutely no Photoshop (or even MS Paint) skills whatsoever.

This is where I'm hoping you will come in. In this high-tech city, I'm hoping there's somebody out there who can help me out. I need you to fan the flames of this friendly rivalry. Give me some creative kind of photo that we can make Dave post on his blog in the event of a Sounders win on March 19.

The only rules:

  • Remember: Friendly rivalry. Nothing too nasty.
  • Probably no worse than PG-13.
  • Have fun with it.

Thanks in advance!! And any I don't use will probably either be posted here or saved for a future occasion.

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