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MLS Cup 2009 is Heading to Seattle!!! (UPDATED)

UPDATE: According to my season ticket-holder email, tickets to the Cup are included as that Friendly Ticket C in our season ticket packet. (Because every league championship I've ever seen has been totally friendly.)


Give yourself a pat on the back. And while you're at it, give one to your buddy/spouse/the guy next to you on the bus.* I am so happy with you. And me. We are all kinds of awesome.

And MLS agrees with us. They have awarded Seattle and Qwest field the MLS Cup this year!

This has been rumored forever, but now it's finally official.

"The city of Seattle and Qwest Field will be a tremendous setting for our country’s marquee soccer event of the year," MLS Commissioner Don Garber said. "The stadium was designed with soccer in mind and we believe the buzz surrounding Sounders FC will add to the electricity at our championship game. We hope to see supporters clubs from all around the League join us in the Emerald City in November, regardless of which two teams advance to the final."

Yay, us! (Now come on Sounders FC! Give us a reason to be there!)

And also, since I don't want to be Gwen from Galaxy Quest, whose sole job was to repeat whatever the computer said, I can't let this post be a mere regurgitation of what shows up on the official Sounders FC site.

So instead I'll regurgitate from ProstAmerika. (Which is kind of the same thing, except with a German flavor.) Sorry.

But anyhow. This comes from Steve, who, unlike some of us, does not trade in unsubstantiated rumors.

(Oh, what? Can you really blame me for wanting to pretend that Zinedine Zidane and Thierry Henry might come to Seattle?)

But according to ProstAmerika, the USA will be playing a Gold Cup match here, at Qwest, on July 4. How fantastic does it sound to spend the 4th watching the USMNT? I'm really hoping it's a night game and they do fireworks.

If you didn't catch the Gold Cup competition in 2007, it was probably one of the most fun and interesting CONCACAF competitions in recent years, not least because the US won it by beating Mexico in the finals, after a controversial thriller against Canada in the semis. (Was that Canadian equalizer offside? Probably not, but the officials said yes. Canadians still hate us for that.)

So I'm assuming you're all going to go hang out at Qwest on July 4 to show the world what we're capable of. Right?

*Laurie and Seattle Offside are not responsible for harrassment lawsuits resulting from displays of affection aimed at office mates and/or total strangers. Pat at your own risk.

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