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This Can Never Get Old: Award #3, and Quiz #4

So in the winning email, today's winner, Billy Bob, says to me:

Stephen King, Jarrod Smith, Tyrone Marshall. If I win can I get a certificate with ninjas on it?

Um, excuse me, Billy Bob? Do I look like the kind of person who does made-to-order Seattle Offside Badges of Honor? Our previous winners took what I gave 'em and were happy about it. What is it that makes you so freakin' special? Just for that, I should give you "Outstanding Bus Driver." (A true, actual award in the Microsoft templates, btw.)

Except... Okay, fine. (You knew I was a softie at heart, didn't you?) And I'm not just giving you a ninja. I'm giving you a female ninja. Just remember this next time you only have time to visit one Sounders site and you have to decide between me and The Officials, okay? Because The Officials will never give you female ninjas.

And, as usual, click here for the better graphic. (And after all that work, Billy Bob? All I'm sayin' is, you damn well better print it out.)

(And by that I of course mean: Haha! Just kidding!) Thanks much to everybody who entered. Better luck today.

And with that, it's time for our Quiz #4. Which I really, really hope you'll enter. Although I just realized, last night, that the best part about asking you to email me your answers rather than leaving them in the comments is that if nobody were to enter, I could just make up somebody and pretend they entered. And then I'd make up the coolest award ever? And give it to myself.

And this wouldn't be at all like the time you told everybody that you had this gorgeous out-of-town prom date, but he was really your cousin, and the only reason he was going out with you was the he got a Minor in Possession the month before and his mom (your aunt) threatened to take away his car and ground him for life if he didn't take you. Nope, nothing like that. At all.

Because that would just be pathetic. Please send me your guesses at laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com.

Today's Sounders:

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