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So in my last post, I ripped into the inclusion of the Seattle song. Problem was, I didn't stop to think about the care and thought that went into the inclusion of that song. Somebody took the time to put together the songs and chants that they believe will create the best experience for the fans, and I didn't stop and think about that before posting. I just gave a quick, knee-jerk, negative opinion. And for that I'm sorry.

So does the original 60s version of the song itself suck? Well, it depends on whether or not you're a Perry Como fan. (No way I'm wading into those waters.)

But does the way it will be done for the game have the potential to be awesome? Absolutely.

If you are one of those who has put the time into making this good -- not just the chants, but the whole fan experience -- please accept my apologies for not taking the time to see what you were trying to accomplish. I'll be listening with an open mind.

(And beer. And a designated driver.)

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