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Goals to Get You Excited, Brought to You By Fredy "How the HELL did we get him" Montero

A few things I was thinking after watching this Fredy Montero highlight video:

  1. Colombian defending and goalkeeping may not be quite at European levels, but this should work really well in MLS. He seems to have an amazing ability to see the holes, and the presence of mind to actually put the ball where those holes are.
  2. Holy guacamole! This kid is only 21!!! How the HELL did we get him?!?
  3. The thought I am intensely NOT thinking? "How long will we have him for?"
  4. Whoever puts together these kinds of Colombian videos is apparently comfortable choosing silence over that ubiquitous highlight song, "10% luck, 20% skill, 15% concentrated power of will." (ACK! ACK!) And for this, we love these video producers. In fact, we love them with the kind of desperate and wholehearted love reserved solely for those who understand the phrase "Dude. That's been overdone."
  5. What's that you say? They may not have known how to add sound? I refuse to believe it. In this confused and uncertain world, a woman needs her heroes.

Enjoy the video!

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