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Game Day! Game Day!

(Not sure if this is the real life version of yesterday's Happy Dance crocodile or his dance partner. )

But anyhoo. I believe I have been struck dumb.

(As in mute, okay?)

Seriously, this is like... Well, remember back in junior high when you had this massive crush, and you were walking down the hall and dropped your book, and your crush bent down to pick it up, and you reached out to take it back, and your eyes met, at last... And then you just muttered "Grzzlfrmp" and ran away?

This is kind of like that, except minus the running away part.


(On come on, I've been doing this blog for over a month now. You can't tell me you came here expecting actual, intelligent pregame analysis.)

Seriously, I have wanted serious soccer in this town for awhile now, and at last we're getting it. And my innards are full of butterflies and I can't even come up with words for a post. Except this: It is currently POURING down rain here, and I can't find anything even remotely water resistant. Plus I'm the designated driver and can't even warm up with beer. This could kind of suck. Except that it won't.

(And for anyone feeling compelled to say, "You do know that alcohol only gives the illusion of warmth?" I would say, "Thanks, mom! When did you start using the internet?")

About the game:

Ben Dragavon is on the roster, apparently temporarily, for the injured Chris Eylander. And it looks like we're getting a bit more Washington flavor to the team, with UW Alum Kevin Forrest apparently getting officially added once we square things away with his previous team, the Rapids. Probably this week, but not tonight.

Other than that, all I can say is:

a) Rain, rain, go away, -- and --
b) I AM SO EXCITED!!!!!! --and--
c) Grzzlfrmp

Be sure to stop by here after the game and leave comments. And for anybody not able to get to the game, stop by MLS Offside, where my brother-in-blog Travis will be liveblogging the game (ESPN360 stream permitting.)

UPDATE: Oh, last thing. I just stopped over at GoSounders and read the following, which I agree with 100%.

tonight, we are on national TV. we will be under the scrutiny of a lot of reporters, opposing fans, neutrals etc. Seattle has got a lot of attention, mostly good, but some bad from the jealous out there, about the "success" we have achieved as an organization, all without even playing a game. There will be plenty of people rooting for us to lose, to bring us down a peg or two. i am not suggesting that we need to be brought down, but that isn’t point.

if we lose tonight, that is one thing. but if we lose and the fans are quiet and don’t support their team right up until the final whistle, even if it is 4-0 to the Red Bulls, then we deserve to get the criticism that comes with that.

Amen to that. Let's make some noise!!!!

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