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Clueless on Compliance Day

So I'm wandering around to all the other MLS blogs as they're making their guesses on the cuts that will be coming for Roster Compliance Day and I'm thinking, "I have no clue who will be cut from my team. I am a bad, bad blogger."

And that thought lasted for all of about twenty seconds, until I realized, "Wait. We're a freakin' expansion team. I haven't seen the players yet!"

Well, except for Sebastien. And Chris. And Taylor. And Kasey and Freddie, if you want to go back a couple years. And I've probably seen all of the Expansion Draft picks, but most of them -- with the exception of Galaxy guy Vagenas -- didn't really register because they weren't on my team so I didn't care.

So...yeah. This is my blog post on Roster Compliance Day. About which I have no clue.

(But now I'm refusing to feel guilty about it.)

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