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Check Something Out for Me

Do me a favor and check something out for me, will you?

Yesterday, George pointed out in the comments that MLS not only gives bloggers access to video embedding (YEA MLS!!), they also allow us (and you) to edit them to create our own highlight videos. How cool is that?

Problem is, when I go to register at the site, it tells me that every screen name I choose is already in use. After the first rejection, I started getting really creative, too. Is MLS really this popular? Are there really already registered users for not only every possible combination involving the words "Laurie" and "Offside," but also for "Snuffleupagus"?

I don't actually still have kids in the Sesame Street stage. It's just that some things are embedded in your brain for life and tend to pop up at random moments, whether you like it or not.

And by that I of course mean, "Love you, Mr. Snuffleupagus!" (I need to add that last sentence, because otherwise I'll be receiving dozens and dozens truly nasty comments from everyone in the universe who has a crush-related Google Alert for "Snuffleupagus." Trust me here. That's just how the internet works.)

Also, a couple of facts I just discovered whilst googling the correct spelling of "Snuffleupagus." Did you know that his first name is Aloysius? And that he has his own page on Wikipedia? This brings me to the question that's going to keep me up nights: What the hell kind of person does the updates?

And you are now thinking: The same kind of person who has the crush-related Google Alerts! Duh!

(I set myself up for that one, didn't I?)

But anyhoo. Regarding the MLSnet multiple rejections, I'm starting to take this personally. So go to this site and try to register. And then come back and tell me either A) You're having the same problems, or B) It's all me and MLS has me and my computer on their Double Super Secret "Access Denied for Refusing to Show Proper Respect to the Phrase Groin Injury" list.

I'm pretty sure it's the latter, but I need you to verify so I can start preparing my anti-discrimination lawsuit.

I will say this, though. Every site I register with that requires a birth date gets the same answer: Real month, real day, 1900. For some reason, some sites do not respect this. The MLSnet site does. And as I've said before: speaking for 109-year-old soccer fans everywhere, I truly appreciate it.

(Also, my Weekend Quiz over on the Main Page this weekend is an MLS quiz. Our main page crowd is pretty Eurocentric, and nobody ever leaves comments on MLS stuff. So please go over and make a guess, even a random one, to keep me from getting lonely. You might even see one of our own. I'll even throw in one of my amazing Laurie's Offside Certificates to the one who guesses the most. That's an opportunity you do NOT want to pass up.)

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