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Vote for Fredy for Goal of the Week!

Our wonderkid Fredy Montero is up for Goal of the Week. For the first goal, although I was actually more impressed by his pickpocketing of Petke for the second one. I'm thinking they probably picked this one because it was the inaugural goal for the inaugural game for the expansion team, and it set the tone for what was to follow.

And not only that, our Fredy is also the MLS Player of the Week. Not bad, eh? Pretty heady stuff for a 21-year-old newcomer. (But I'm pretty sure he won't get a big ego over it. No over-confidence whatsoever. Right?)

Your job? To go and vote for Fredy, because he has lots of competition. He's currently tied for third, after Kenny Cooper and Chris Pontius, and tied with Davy Arnaud. (I don't remember eight goal-of-the-week candidates in years past. Weren't there only five? Or maybe six, max?)

I've never reached a limit on the number of times one can vote. (Not that I've ever, y'know, devoted that much time to the process. Or anything.) But what this means is that you can vote early and often!

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