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You're Sigi for the Day: Zach Scott or Nathan Sturgis?

According to pretty much everything I've read, the only reason former USL guy Zach Scott got his chance to start at leftback last week was because first choice Nathan Sturgis was injured. As I said last week, since Zach was up against the ultra-speedy Dane Richards, I expected him to get hung out to dry. He wasn't. With a little help from the more-defensive-than-usual Sebastien Le Toux, Richards was pretty much shut down.

So Zach made the most of the opportunity and really stepped up and got the job done. And now the big question, given that Sturgis is apparently okay: Who should start at leftback on Saturday?

I'm giving you three optinons: Scott, Sturgis, or "Other." If you pick "Other," tell us in the comments who you're thinking of.

Which player would you start if you were Sigi?
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