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We Got Montero Goal of the Week! Now It's Time to Vote the Guys a Song

Congrats to everybody who voted for our very own Fredy Montero for the Goal of the Week. We won it for him!

(Don't thank us, Fredy. It was the least we could do for the kind of joy you provided the city. Seriously, I'm thinking that in nine months, around December 19, Seattle hospitals will be seeing a mini-boom of newborns named "Fredy" going home in itty-bitty rave green baby shirts.)

Of course, there may be some doubters who believe that it wasn't actually the most exciting goal of the week. Or that it may not have even been Fredy's best goal of the week. But we, the believers, know the truth.

(Or, as my ultra-mature self said when someone suggested just this: LalalalalalaI'mNotListeningI'mNotListening!)

But what this means more than anything is that Seattle is once again proving its spirit, not to mention its tech-savvyness (savviness??) by showing we can vote online. This will come in very, very handy come May or so, when it becomes time to vote for the All-Star team.

Although I think fan vote counts for only about 25% of the total vote, which means the good people who religiously vote their allotment every single day will mean squat-all to the final outcome if the fan votes aren't matched by play on the field that's recognized by MLS and journalist types. Ask Toronto.

So keep that in mind, Sounders guys. We can push you across the finish line, but you'll have to get into the general vicinity on your own.

Buy anyhoo. Switching to a topic that is actually mildly related, given that it also involves our already-demonstrated ability to vote online: The Blue Scholars, (local hip-hop) are going to write a song about the subject that gets the hightest total of votes in a Seattle Times vote.

And let's be realistic here: this is going to be a toughie. The Sounders are up against topics! And...and...Teriyaki!

Yesterday, when I visited, Sounders were losing to (brace yourself, yes) Teriyaki. Today we are not just ahead, but far ahead, with 43% of the vote in a ten-item field.

(I'm pretty sure it's because teriyaki has really lame bloggers.)

Your job? Go vote! Right here! Right now!

(Thanks, David)

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