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Seattle 2-0 RSL, Post Match

Just a few random thoughts as I try to thaw out my digits and extremities.

  • First, huge thanks to Sounders photographer Rod Mar, who gave me the match photo. (For those who've been living under a rock, that would be our Freddie Ljungberg in his Sounders debut.) Be sure to check out all of Rod's other pics here, and also at the Sounders site. The above photo is as big as this blog will allow, but they're really cool in full size.
  • Wow. What a game. RSL put up a lot more fight than Red Bulls last week, especially in the second half, but in the end the result was pretty much identical: Another shutout. This means we're currently top of the league. What do you think of that?
  • I love our midfield. I mean really, really love our midfield. So much that I'd like to do something special for them. Like, I dunno, send them muffins or something.

    (Not that I actually cook. I mean, they'd be Costco. But it's the thought, right?)

  • That said, I'm not sure I'd go with Zakuani over Nyassi. But I'd like to see them both again before making a decision.
  • Probably one of the reasons I love our midfield is that the season tickets I ended up with after the ticket screwup are really, really good. Pretty much right on the midline. So I'm spending a whole bunch of time contemplating the merits of Sebastien Le Toux and Osvaldo Alonso and Brad Evans. And Alonso especially takes my breath away.
  • (And of course I am speaking here from a purely maternal/fan standpoint.)
  • And speaking of my maternal area (which I'm pretty sure is what we were speaking of,) how great was it to see Nate Jaqua get a goal? I've said this before, but he's at the top of my "players who were screwed by the Galaxy in the whole Beckham disaster, and because of this I want good things for them" list.
  • What, you mean you don't keep lists like that?
  • Kasey Freakin' Keller. Man of the Match.
  • That said, Keller's doing pretty much what he's supposed to, meaning he's backing up the back line, but without having to be the back line. The defense had some sketchy moments, especially in the second half, but overall I'd give them a solid B.
  • Freddie Ljungberg played like he really wants to be here. Welcome to Seattle, Freddie.
  • Is Roger Levesque, Seattle's own Roger Levesque, always going to be the time-wasting sub who comes on immediately after they've announced the amount of stoppage time?

    The first time it was sweet. But after awhile, don't you think it might be a little...well...demeaning?

  • And finally, Note to Self on Business Opportunity: Buy a thousand or so Hot Hands before the next game and sell them for $5 apiece. If I'd thought of this before tonight, I could have paid for my entire family's season tickets. And I wouldn't have had to type pretty much everything in this post at least twice because my fingers are still frozen.

Photo: Rod Mar/Sounders FC

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