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Game Highlights, Sigi's Presser, Plus: Why I Love MLS

Before you check out these highlights, two things:

First, I want you to bow down in grateful homage to the progressive folks at MLS, who make it so damn easy for bloggers to care about their teams.

What's that you say? That sounded as if I were comparing them to someone else? As a matter of fact, I am. Go here and see what our poor Wolverhampton (English second-tier) blogger Toby is dealing with, just for trying to show his love for his club. Makes me really, really glad that MLS recognizes the internet and the bloggers for the assets they are.

Second, I was over on a Portuguese highlights site, this morning, looking for highlights from the weekend's international matches. (Portugal seems to have different copyright laws than the rest of the world, so if you want match highlights for less progressive places in the world than the US, go there.)

But anyhoo. Guess who was at the top of their list this morning? Seattle 2-0 Salt Lake.

We have arrived! (Plus gents? If you go there, there is currently an ad running at the top featuring women in skimpy lingerie. Just fyi.)

Now, those match highlights:

And Sigi's press conference:

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