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Well. Wasn't Compliance Day Exciting?

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So roster/salary compliance day came and went on Monday, and we discovered we were in compliance all along.

So...yeah. That was thrilling and exhilarating, wasn't it?

What's funny is that I've made this mistake before. I should know better. But, y'know, a year is a long time to remember things and basically my brain filled up and some stuff had to spill over.

I forgot that what Compliance Day means is that if you have too many people signed when The Day comes, you need to waive somebody. But if you're, y'know, an expansion team? And you haven't actually signed a full roster yet? If that's the case, then Compliance Day is a whole big bunch of piffle and everybody gets to keep hanging around for another couple of weeks until you make your final decision.

Yippee. Let's do this again real soon.