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The Completely Impressive and Utterly Amazing "Know Your Sounders" Award for Quiz #1

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Okay, first thing? Congratulations to Kenneth, first (okay, technically only) one to guess our three Sounders. And I really apologize for the fact that this graphic sucks. Go here for a larger and possibly even actually printable version. (Yes, I'm serious. Why would anyone not want to capture this moment?)

Kenneth correctly guessed the 2009 Sounders in our first Know Your Sounders Quiz: Freddie Ljungberg, Taylor Graham and Patrick Ianni. Nicely done, Kenneth!

Second thing: Have you ever been into the online area where you can get Microsoft PowerPoint certificate templates? For somebody who's basically non-technical and non-creative, it's a scary, scary place.

(I know. How the hell did I end up in Microsoftville?)

My two personal favorites:

The Happy Earth Award Certificate (I kid you not), and the Bright Idea Award Certificate.

(Please tell me that last award is for kids. Please tell me there are not engineers out there with a whole wall full of Bright Idea Awards.)

But I really don't want to demean those awards, because I don't want to devalue our "Know Your Sounders" awards. Which are truly and genuinely special. So special I think I want one myself. Which means that after you all go to bed tonight, I'll be sitting here, pretending that I was the first one to guess correctly, and then putting my name in the little "name here" spot and printing it out and posting it on my wall.

(I know, I know. I even scare myself sometimes.) Please (please, please) come back for for another Know Your Sounders Quiz tonight!

Oh, P.S.! Color me happy. My tickets came today!!!!!

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