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Tackiness and Links. In That Order.

I feel like I should be working on some creative hoax in honor of the day, but my creative area has apparently abandoned me for spring break in Cancun. (Which pretty much sums up where I'd like to be, as opposed to sitting at my computer watching freaking snow on April 1.)

So instead I'll give you an utterly tacky yet hysterically funny video that has absolutely nothing to do with the Sounders. Except that it makes me think we need a mascot.

(I didn't somehow miss that we actually already have one, did I?)

Aside from that, a few links from around the blogosphere that I thought were fun:

  • David over at Seattle Soccer Examiner rhapsodizes over the budding bromance between Seattle guys and the team. (Although, ahem. David. I must take issue with your categorization of female fans as "looking at the rave green boys as possible actual dating material." For a lot of us, it's much closer to a... Well, a bromance.)
  • Over at Next Season Sports, Jesse Amorratanasuchad (and thank gawd for cut and paste, just sayin') wonders if we can make the magic continue away from home.
  • Mike at GoSounders takes us on a virtual tour of BMO (aka Bee-mo) Field and its inhabitants.
  • The Seattle Times' Jose Romero is now on the radio! Well done, Jose!
  • Travis over at our MLS page has the new MLS Offside Power Rankings. But wait. We're behind Chicago!?!?
  • Down south at the Tacome News Tribune, it's the burning question: How could the Vancouver team be anything but "The Whitecaps"???
  • Over at Sounder at Heart, Dave has a slightly different take on stats. If you're a stats freak like me, geek yourself out!
  • And over at ProstAmerika, Steve has an interesting interview with formal Arsenal youth player Steve Zakuani. Different questions from the usual, and well worth a read.
  • And while you've got your mind on Zakuani, check out my post from awhile back on how MLS reminds me of my misspent cowgirl youth. In a good way.

And that's it. I'm off to watch the most boring game in history, as France yet again struggles against Lithuania.

(If you write/blog on Sounders and want to be included in future links posts, drop me a note at laurie[at]theoffside[dot]com.)

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