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Another Fun Fan Video

I'm just starting to exit my post-game bubble and read match reports and look for highlights videos. Oddly, MLSnet is not giving us a highlight video this week. (Come on, MLSnet! Some of us are actually paying for your services here, so thanks for nothing.)

Can you tell I haven't had my coffee yet this morning?

But instead, for now, came across this video you might enjoy while I gather my thoughts to write up something more substantial.

From the video creator, "previouslytaped."

third home game for the sounders finds a ref who needs glasses, many handballs, about 3 to 4 yellow cards and a red card for one Kasey Keller

enjoy my highlights from the game..


P.S. I must have been standing right beside this person at some point, because I was right there as the ECS were singing the "Up against the wall and shoot 'em" while they were getting ready to enter the field.