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Poll: Dragavon or Eylander? (Because I Don't Have the Energy to Discuss my Super Powers Just Yet)

Who Should Start in Goal Against Chivas?
( surveys)

I am feeling criminally uninspired today.

Actually, this is only partially true. In reality, I am mentally working on a post about the disturbingly amazing, poorly-channeled super powers I have only just discovered I possess. (In a nutshell? When it comes to my poetry? Be very afraid.)

But you'll have to come back for that one.

Instead, for the moment, I'll offer up a poll, which is probably identical to the poll every single Sounders site is doing this week. Who should we put in goal while Kasey Keller's suspended: Ben Dragavon or Chris Eylander?

(I know for a fact that a nearly identical poll is up over at GoSounders, and they're probably not going to buy that I had planned this even before I saw it over there. Especially since they already think I stole their idea of doing bullet point game recaps. Which I didn't. Just fyi.)

(But I really don't want to piss them off, not only because they're good guys, but because they have the coolest Sounders blog feed in their sidebar, and a lot of you guys come my way via them. Plus "footblogger" and his wife just had a baby, so I know he's entirely sleep deprived, which means I want to tread gently here.)

(Because when I say "sleep deprived," I'm talking in the "I know this will eventually be rewarding but damn I'm tired now" new baby kind of way, and not in the fun way, where you didn't sleep well because you stayed up really late partying and then your hangover woke you up at 4:00, but you're okay because you pretty much know you earned this feeling and life will go on after an Egg McMuffin and a large Coke.)

Or, y'know, so I heard. Once. A long time ago.

And I'm pretty sure that if I ever had a point here, it's gone now.

So just vote in the damn poll, okay? And then go vote in the GoSounders poll. And while you're there, leave comments telling them that you love them best and that under no circumstances should they remove Seattle Offside from their blog feed. Ever.

(Even if you do love our Eylander-Dragavon poll best.)

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