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Who's Your Pick for the Armband Without Keller?

I'm working my way through the video piece by piece -- now that I actually have video, color me happy -- and was reminded of something I wondered about after not catching it at the game: Who should be captain in the absence of Kasey Keller?

I wasn't paying attention on Saturday -- given that like most fans I was probably thinking and worrying about other things -- but in the video I just noticed that Kasey left the field still wearing the armband, and later Freddie Ljungberg showed up wearing a different one.

Curious: Would Ljungberg be your first choice?

And assuming Freddie's still not quite 90 minutes worth of match fit (he did seem to be flagging by the time he was subbed off on Saturday), who would you give it to if he leaves the game?

(And the following photo doesn't really have anything to do with the post, but I stumbled across it and thought you might enjoy it. Because...mullets. Hell, yeah.)

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