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The Media Gives us Details on the Montero Allegations

Hesitated on whether to post these, but both the woman and prosecutors and/or police have now given info to the media, so the information (if not the truth) is out there.

My take after reading all three articles, each of which gives slightly different details:

1) Two young people doing stupid drunken things over a two-week period doesn't make for a good criminal prosecution. (I don't mean to sound insensitive to either, but after reading these, I'm thinking this should never have gone as far as it did in the criminal/judicial realm, or in the media.)

2) Interpersonal relationships that involve bad decision-making are complicated and make life difficult for investigators and prosecutors.

3) I hope that this young woman can get the help she needs after this. And I'm not saying that flippantly.

4) Sigi may want to assign this kid a big brother. Otherwise we could eventually be seeing this when we'd much prefer to be seeing this.

Wait. Am I sounding like a mom here?

That's because I am.

Seattle PI: Prosecutors: Accuser's story, lack of backup evidence meant no charges against Montero

Seattle Times: Sounders FC's Montero won't face criminal charges

ESPN: Prosecutor: not enough evidence to charge Montero

Okay. Now let's move on.

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