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"Allez, Le Toux!" (The Chant I'd Like to Hear)

Know what chant I'd like to see?

In France at national team games, the crowd sings "Allez les bleus!" ("Go, Blues," with Les Bleus being the nickname for the NT) over and over and over. I'd love to see that with a little Le Toux modification. You know: "Allez, Le Toux! Allez, Le Toux! Allez, Le Toux!"

(And I'm pretty sure that we could do it a lot better, because to be honest, the French are kind of lame when it comes to cheering their NT players.)

Le Toux is French, y'know? I bet he'd appreciate it.

For the tune, you might be able to pick it up from this. (English guy and Spanish guy are close. Swiss woman, not so much.)

(And if this is already a chant, forgive me. It's hard to hear from where I sit.)

Oh, and this next video has nothing to do with anything. I just found it when I was looking for something like the above video, and for some reason it made me laugh.

Because, y'know, it's almost Friday.

(What's even more disturbing is that the videos that came after this were animations of "The Dumb Bunnies." And now THAT's two hours of my life I'll never get back.)

Allez les bleus !
Uploaded by ubi

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