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Flying Pigs, Ice Skating in Hell, Positive Press in Portland

It's no secret that everybody loves Seattle soccer these days. The positive press is coming at us from all over. New York Times? Check. MLSnet? Got it. ESPN? Here we go*. But...Portland?!?!?!

Yes, Portland.

The team's wildly enthusiastic fans are demonstrating that in an economic downturn, when individual hopes are low, high-level soccer can provide a joyous outlet, and a community-building uplift that we need more than ever before. The Seattle team has already sold its 22,000 season tickets, and is on its way to becoming a civic icon.

Uh-oh. Does this woman not read her Oregon soccer bible? It is the eleventh commandment:

Thou shalt not speak positively about anything relating to soccer in your much-detested arch-rival city. Especially since they got an MLS team first.

Note to Mary the author: Girl, you may want to keep one eye open when you sleep. Is all I'm sayin'.


Spotted by our buddy "GS-1" on the Seattle Soccer Talk forums.

*The ESPN link isn't exactly positive Seattle press. But it is a very funny post about the game by New York defender Mike Petke.

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