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I Am Told That You Need to Check Out Brad Evans, the "Young Hottie"

For the Record #1: I am way too damn old to read CosmoGirl. Hell, I'm way too damn old to read Cosmo proper. This post is here only because two people have sent me links.

For the Record #2: The day I think of one of our young players as a "hottie" is the day I gouge out my own eyes and chop off my blogging fingers. Truly, if all of the players of this age engaged in a shirt swap, I would very maternally cover my eyes.

For the Record #3: Although once they hit about Freddie's age, I might peek through my fingers. Just a little.

When all of this stated for the record, however, I must also say that when one of our own is listed as one of CosmoGirl's "15 young hotties," it would be wrong of me to stay silent, because if you are young and female, I belive Brad Evans needs you to go ogle him.

And I must admit that I do feel a certain maternal pride here, similar to how I felt when my Jr. High-age son came home from school and announced that his female classmates had just voted him the fifth-hottest guy in gym class. (Hey, it's a double class. This is apparently a very big deal.)

So. Yeah. Go visit. Admire. Have fun..

Oh, and while we're at it? David Falk over at Seattle Soccer Examiner wants to know who you think is the next best "eye candy" on the team.

I am not voting. But you can feel free. Here at Seattle Offside, we do not judge.

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